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Leveraging new market opportunities ?moveFORWARD?

The brave manager sees a recession as an opportunity and takes advantage of the situation by moving "against the flow." As competitors are retrenching, moves such as introducing new products or services become major market differentiators. This approach works best for small, mid-sized and emerging companies that don?t yet have a dominant market share.

A recession may be the best time for executing your growth strategy, as there are huge opportunities in a down market. Thinking outside the box is a must in times like these. Let the competition adapt to go with the flow, leaving gaps, while you adopt a winning moveFORWARD position.

How do I leverage the above opportunities in a recession time?

In a recession two major corporate resources that support expansion ? cash and share values ? are limited. At the same time, two key deal breakers ? human ego and resistance to change and sharing ? are almost eliminated. We believe that this is the best time to moveFORWARD for strategic alliances and take your company to the next level of growth and profitability.

In order to capitalize on a recession?s opportunity, you need an accurate and thorough understanding of your market, competition and product viability. Confidence to move against conventional wisdom and courage to stand alone are also required. Above all, you must follow a proactive and systematic business development approach.

Auctus' innovative and creative business development approach of ?In?House Outsourced? complements your existing activities and helps you achieve your strategic alliances and M&A more quickly and efficiently. Auctus' approach guides you from developing a strategic framework through the actual deal closing and integration, including all necessary processes and transactions such as term-sheet preparation, due diligence, deal negotiation, deal closing and integration.

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